Genital Warts Symptoms in Men

Genital warts symptoms in men are fortunately mainly external. Although they can appear inside the urethra and anus, which can be both painful and embarrassing.

Genital warts are the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the world today. While the don’t have the serious ramifications of HIV or other STIs, warts can have longer-term ramifications if left untreated.

According to the Department for Health and Human Services, over 20 million Americans are carrying genital warts, with an estimated 5 million new cases identified each year.

Part of the problem is that genital warts symptoms in men aren’t always obvious. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases estimates that half of those carrying the infection have no obvious symptoms whatsoever. That makes detection and prevention very difficult indeed.

Genital Warts Symptoms in Men

If symptoms do appear they are generally readily identifiable. They appear as either small white or skin-colored bumps around the edge of the head of the penis, or as bright red or purple spots. These spots look like blood blisters and don’t always appear.

Other genital warts symptoms in men include hard white or yellow spots than can appear on the penis or scrotum or inflamed pimples, much like acne around that area too.

These skin issues don’t restrict themselves to the penis, they can also be found on, or in, the anus and on the top of the thighs. Typically, these symptoms can also be mistaken for genital warts but be perfectly benign. That’s why proper testing is so important.


If any of these genital warts symptoms in men appear, it’s important to have a test to make sure. Tests can be performed in most sexual health clinics or by a physician.

Warts aren’t always evident, or can be seen clearly so it may be necessary to apply a chemical to the skin to make them obvious to the eye. The chemical is harmless and just makes the wart stand out more. It may be necessary to conduct an internal examination to identify warts too.

The test itself is usually done with a biopsy of any obvious warts. If identified as genital warts, a course of treatment will be prescribed.


The treatment of genital warts symptoms in men is usually includes a cream which is applied to the infected area. Other treatment methods include lasers, freezing, heat treatment and surgery. A physician will prescribe the least-intrusive by most-effective treatment at the time.


As with many infections, genital warts cannot be completely eliminated. The treatments mainly address the genital warts symptoms in men themselves, rather than the virus that causes them.

This means that anyone who has them will need to consistently practice safe sex afterwards. As the warts can appear in places other than the penis, those safe sex practices must include all areas where warts have appeared.

It also means that genital warts symptoms in men may reoccur periodically throughout the person’s lifetime. This may necessitate repeat treatments.

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